0.8.1 released! - October 31, 2008

It's been a while hasn't it :) anyway it's finally back. Windows, Linux, Mac releases are in the same ZIP. Non-Free-ness has been nuked. Also in there is a legacy client for those who prefer 0.7.1 input, as well as 3 new maps.

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Happy halloween!

(p.s. i'm also busy working on another game)

0.8.0 unreleased - September 19, 2008

Apparently it was discovered that one of the contributors have contributed content derived from strictly non-Free content. It made its way into OA 0.8.0's release. This is highly unacceptable, and so, I have pulled the OA080 release files since I don't support the work of thieves and I don't want this release around anymore.
Note that this does not mean the older 0.7.6/7 or 0.7.1 releases are NOT inheriting "current release" status. I will not be providing them here either.

You'll just have to wait until 0.8.1 is released. Apologies in advance for the extra megabytes of bandwidth to use :(

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0.8.0 released - August 8, 2008

New features: Missionpack. Sorceress. 3 new maps. 3 new weapons. Bug fixes.

I think the mouse doesn't suck anymore also, though still, your mileage may vary.

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Releases can be found on the FILES page.

0.7.7 patch released - May 29, 2008

Several bug fixes have been fixed. It is highly recommended that players must upgrade to this patch.
If you see no servers, that means none of them are running 0.7.7 :). This will hopefully put an end to that INVALID GAME FOLDER issue. There is also no more player sticking and the input is a little better for Windows users.

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Releases can be found on the FILES page.

0.7.6 released! - April 21, 2008

I thought I was making the players wait too long, nearly 10 months for the next major release. Things have been admittedly slow so I figured i'll release what's done so far. This is not the fabled version 0.8.0, but it is a nice prelude to it. :)

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Releases can be found on the FILES page. Mac version is coming soon!

Quick pulse check - February 18, 2008

We're not dead. Just extended technical difficulties. The blog posts has more info about it. I'm also going to get rid of some of the 'repulsive' things that are in 0.7.1 and previous versions for the new one. As this project matures closer to 1.0.0, (0.8.0 would be pretty gawsh darn close to it at least) quality control will be considered further.

Quick SOS call: a model skinner and experienced animator (in blender, no BVH importing just scratch) would be nice. OA's team (or contributors, rather) aren't paid professionals working full-time, you know. Version 1.0.0 won't be reached by doing nothing.

0.7.1 patch released! - August 8, 2007

Our previous release was a bit buggy and so we did this patch to fix things up and polish some graphics here and there.

This contains no engine binaries and can only be installed on the 0.7.0 version.


0.7.0 released! - July 7, 2007

It's been 8 months since the last release and we've done a lot of stuff for this release, so much it's suddenly 250mb which was way past our 177mb goal. This is our biggest release ever, to state the obvious :) Anyway

Significant Changes:

A big thanks to enki, Czestmyr, Lazureus, kit89, div0 and dmn_clown for making this release possible. :)