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Projects that are too not-dedicated to have their own page but this one.

It's just FreeDOOM bundled with Odamex v0.3 + latest SVN into a convenient Win32-only installer. Dedicated to the really lazy players that want to play right damn well about now! (Especially on that library server)  Linux and Mac versions are not to be expected ever (at least, from me!)

Freedamex 062740 (7.68mb - May 13, 2008)

Last year I was going to do a id tech 2-based Free Data project but due to horrid pipelines, horrid bad inconsistent graphics and physics of id tech 2, and of course the dreaded dll/.so native code thing and vwep system, I have since abandoned it. Most of the work was done on a basic blue-ish 2d menu pcx files, a shotgun, a crappy machinegun, some crappy sounds, and a crappy map with crappy textures to boot.

The art direction were to be a bit old-timey steampunk with some moderny future post-apocalypse thrown in to justify the unavoidable orange hues. No punks. Blaster would have been a lava squirter. The hyperblaster would have to have intense cool-off after firing instead of spindown. Grenades would have been dynamites.

 You can find it on FreeGameArts.

:D This web page is updated on May 13, 2008
  Untitled Project is licensed under the GNU GPL v2