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[04/01/2000] fromhell
[03/29/2000] sago007
[03/26/2000] Joshua
[03/24/2000] Hitchiker

pic of the day

Amazing terrain support in q3map recently! Think of the possibilities!

Well Excuse me princess!
[Saturday 01 April 2000 - 09:33:01]
Thanks to Arne we are also debuting a new character today. Her name is Princess and she is ticked and here's a picture to prove it.

Take a look at dark elfie
[Saturday 01 April 2000 - 08:59:33]
As promised here is some in-game shots of Sorceress with the shader effect for her lightning gun as well as the detailed lens flare. Please feel free to comment on the use of shader for her beam on the forums.

The new Sorceress
[Thursday 30 March 2000 - 10:03:48]
Here is a new render of Sorceress with her skinning completely redone. I had hoped to post some more but we want to wait and let you guys decide on the new hat. As you can tell the hat is not a shader (not visible in the rendering) and we will be posting several in-game shots of the new lightning gun shader in effect and see if you guys like it or want to go another route. Stay tuned for the next update.